Monday, July 13, 2009

-- summer break --

ok, i will now admit - to myself, that is - that i currently just do not have the time or headspace for this stuff, especially not the braxtothon as such, deep and detailed as it invariably is these days...

... i recently posed the theoretical question as to how a diligent martial artist can also be such a terrible procrastinator, etc... well, that's easy enough to answer: for a long time i was not a martial artist any more, gave up training some years ago and only occasionally went back to it, never for very long. that all changed at the end of may this year, when i found myself picking up where i'd left off, and adding all that i've learned in oriental medicine/qigong over the last few years to what i already knew about taiji forms, etc... suffice it to say that i'm back into it again, which is a good thing, all for the better; the downside is that while i'm still trying to bring myself back up to standard, making up for lost time etc, i don't seem to have a lot of time left for much else, especially when you consider that i spend half my daytime hours being a parent anyway..!

hence i may as well just take the pressure off myself by officially calling this a break, and asking the reader to wait patiently for the hiatus to be over and for "normal" service to resume ;-)

[ - there are a few non-braxtothon posts i had lined up, which will appear sporadically, starting later this month... among these, something or other concerning the quartet john zorn put together for warsaw, earlier this same month... i believe i am right in saying that this is the first time zorn and b. had ever played together; it may well also be the first time b. has played with laswell..? anyway, i have enjoyed the music (which is the first '09 vintage recording to have found its way into my collection) and will try and say something about it, soonish..!]