Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the invisible anniversary

my daughter turned four recently (frightening thought, but undeniable) - which tells me that the blog turned five round about the same time. i realised several weeks ago that this was coming up, and - in one of my bursts of enthusiasm - came up with an idea of how to celebrate it, but just a day or two later the idea was gone... and the enthusiasm went with it. (i genuinely can't think for the life of me what i was planning to do.) at the moment i have less time than ever to work on this project and find it very difficult to focus on it for any length of time. that, i'm sure, will pass - though whether i'll get the time back remains to be seen. but the business os trying to get a tape player back in the house is becoming farcical: just over a week ago i found myself unexpectedly near a car-boot sale, so popped in the off-chance, and sure enough, i managed to pick up a portable double-cassette player for just a few quid. so caught up was i in the excitement of my purchase that i failed to notice until afterwards that it lacked the right power adapter -! subsequent investigations revealed that the device was evidently imported from somewhere in europe, and now i'm not even sure what sort of adapter it requires for a british electrical supply. the previous moves to get my old machine repaired came to nothing as my new schedule makes it very difficult to arrange a time for it to be picked up and delivered back again... so i currently have *two* unusable players and STILL can't play any of my fucken tapes!!!  *

ok, so i can and will overcome that problem - i will eventually find someone with more technical savvy than me, who can set me straight on what sort of adapter i need. but somehow this just seems perfectly emblematic of my recent lack of activity on the blog. there's more, too: even as i write, the maestro is in the middle of a nine-date european tour, and as usual, there are no british concerts on the schedule. (as usual: british promoters just don't book our guy. haha, maybe in some parallel universe i myself have rectified this. in *this* universe i am nowhere near organised enough.) that's pretty weakening... though hardly surprising. still, look at it another way entirely: it's good that there are still venues in europe which can find a suitable audience for b's music, and i hope the tour is going very well! (same goes for the recent concert at roulette in new york.) it's just a damn shame that i am unable to get to any of the gigs... but this was never an option for me.

ah well... one thing i did get hold of recently is mary halvorson's bending bridges, bought directly from firehouse 12. i will be playing this as many times as i can squeeze it in, with the intention of writing something about it as soon as i can. but for the time being... that's all the news that's fit to print. i do hope that next time i post there will be something a bit more upbeat to write about...

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