Thursday, December 23, 2010

seasonal greetings :)

so much for recent half-arsed promises of further imminent "posts of substance" - mmm, stop me if you've read this here before; more computer troubles, on top of all the usual predictable stuff, and the heightened stress and hassle which accompanies the approach of a toddler's christmas... oh yes, and then there's always the "arctic" weather currently strangling the united kingdom, weather which of course is not arctic in the least, temperatures of zero to minus six-to-ten celsius being standard at present in my region; all of which is hardly unheard of in britain and would never merit a mention in many other parts of the world. but, bizarrely... it has brought the entire british isles to a near-standstill anyway, and for some reason it feels a great deal colder than the thermometer says it is. the cold just seems to have seized the landscape, right down into its very substance and texture.

anyway... the cold severely messed up the postal system for the best part of a week, and prolonged our wait for a replacement laptop charger (i expect i will have a rant about this whole business in a comment)... but on the other hand it did provide my daughter with a rare white christmas for her first memorable winter... it's an ill wind, and all that... i didn't manage to sort out my own xmas present in time for the weekend, but there is a fat package of cds on its way, more than half of them by mr b, so i expect to report on those in partial detail in due course... and by now anyone who is reading will surely know the long rhythms which govern my posting habits, and will therefore not be surprised to hear that the promised live review and longer-promised next braxtothon post are on their way also... no, really... "some time soon"... 

... meantime, best festive wishes of the season to anyone who is out there, whatever that means to you. go well in the world :)

c x