Friday, April 19, 2013

i'm stalling

... no change there, then. in any case it's evident, from the bizarrely-lopsided post stats for 2013 so far...

... but i do appear to be stalling. que je vous explique. i recently (on top of all what else) had the estimable arse-painery of having to reformat a three-year-plus laptop - after first ensuring that all the files were backed up (yep, learned that one last time. oh yeah, this is the third and presumably final factory reset for this battered old mf'er) - and i stalled for well over a week before installing itunes on it, never mind importing some actual music... and with recent events being what they were and (sort of) still are, it's been heavy stuff all the way, little or no deep modern creative. mmm, back there again, am i - in one of those metal-only phases; well, it never lasts indefinitely.

- so after almost a week with tons of rock and metal, and the odd bit of mary h, thb sextet, mr threadgill or mr rivers, et al, i still haven't listened to any braxton yet. (told you i was stalling.) i have of course downloaded the latest TCF monthly instalment - two performances - but have not yet listened to that becaause, in part, i have not yet replaced by tera-mega-braxtonoid database on this "clean" hard drive and i don't want to have to move the files once they're in the music library. (anal, i know. quel choc). in another part,  it's simply cos i know (and had it confirmed on tuesday) what a time-consuming, pain-in-the-sodding-backside task it is to reconstruct this sort of thing (one album at a time, altering file details then and there or not at all, as i've also learned). all this is true, - but also, in (possibly) even larger part, cos i'm backing off again, indulging a die-hard part of me that wants to stagnate, sabotage, self-destruct if necessary rather than grow and improve. (this has spilled over into other areas of my life, to be frank.)

ok, so.... only one remedy for that! one more spin of the new kvelertak album, and... next stop, new(ish!) braxton.


the placement of this photo against this post is unsually multi-layered even for me. (that is, i see the various layers tonight, at first choosing - rather than only understanding them later, as is normal.) i'm not vain enough to think that anyone but me would give a shit about the exxplication of what i just asserted, so that's enough of that. it has hope in it, of course, and movement. nevertheless, it was taken while lost, again, on the road north to ingolstadt. (the second time.)


music to follow... what, really? well, maybe... the reduced-bitstream "airshot" of the european FRM performance - as mentioned back at the beginning of feb (just before... ah well.) - will go up at some point after all, since the FRM performance released by TCF this month was not the same one. no, indeed. so since no-one else seems to be doing it, i will try and get round to it