Thursday, December 25, 2014

feeble apologies

... nope, apparently i am just a liar, or at least a purveyor of false promises. i did say i was going to post something - right? and at the time, i really thought, really felt as if i was about to; and then - what? it just isn't there, and my thoughts rarely return here at the moment. the proof of this, if any were needed, is the number at the right of the page which shows how few posts i have managed this year (none at all of actual substance). for some reason, things have changed since we moved; and whatever it was in me that kept this going, it seems to have deserted me and shows no signs of coming back.

the year began with such promise, too - i mean in general; but nothing really came of it. that mad rush of posting last december, which led to a slew of unreadable articles, was based around a rather complex insight which had been nagging at me for a while, and which became clearer towards the end of the "yoshithon"; clearer, that is, inasmuch as it seemed clear enough to me at the time; but my psychedelic attempts to render it in words probably didn't give a very good sense of it, and despite my saying that i was going to unpack it all, you can see for yourself that i never did. in any case, the insight in question has not been something i could really implement - at least not yet -  so the need to explicate it has diminished accordingly. basically, the past year has been dominated by a long-running (and still as-yet unresolved) dispute with my regular employer, and although the period before and after the house move (june-august) seemed hugely auspicious at the time, since then the problems at work have spilled over into everything else and have taken up far too much of my time and energy.

it's not unusual for me to have bursts of ideas, then find soon afterwards that all the inspiration has died and that the momentum has gone with it. not unusual..? it's a constant with me. what is different right now is that my ear for the music appears to have deserted me as well. last weekend i had a lot of time to myself - and predictably failed to make use of it; but more to the point, although i played quite a lot of different music, including all four discs of this set, none of it sparked the desire to write; i would not have had anything to write about, since the music came and went without leaving any vivid impressions. i don't know why this is, or how long it will last. what i do know is that the blog's seventh anniversary (which i had intended to celebrate) passed unnoticed back in october, because i had nothing to say. the fact that this is just another example of my starting something and then gradually neglecting it is not much consolation really - this blog was one part of my life where i really did try my best. do i no longer have that in me?

despite all this sombre self-reflection, i am not totally unhappy in my life; the family is well, we have a roof over our heads, my daughter is enjoying her christmas - and even work is bearable at the moment (though it is still likely that i shall have to leave pretty soon and find something else). but the pathetic lack of activity round here, and the deeper directionlessness which is revealed by it, does sometimes keep me awake at night and i felt i had to write about it. that's that really... sorry everybody. here's hoping for a change for the better, in the coming year...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

the (other) meaning of this tunnel metaphor...

... i am just arriving, - and therefore still here, in other words - well, actually i haven't been around here for months (since the supposedly-auspicious house move... looooong story), but i am around anow. [apparently there is traffic from lucky's place too - possibly even human traffic - ? ;-)  .., in which case,'know, do say his if you feel like it, - i am still approachable at heart unless you have bullshit in your mouth - which i'm by now pretty sure you don't if you are still, or now, reading at this point in the timestream..! i can't say i don't bite, but i try never to bite the honest-of-intent ]

- and if/since you are (re-)reading, welcome :)))))))

now, it's been nothing but hardcore / punk rock, and/or post-hardcore and post-punk, for all this time since said move -

'kk (as they (seem to) say these days), this is with lucky back amongst us as well, a (belated) discovery which genuinely filled me with alas-all-too temporary joy,  back when i found out at last... but i couldn't find headspace for the music and perhaps this instantly rendered it essential the blogosphere, such as it is these days - , hardcore punk rock i say, and that actually has kept me sane, just about. but i have almost susperstitiously avoided putting on any creative/freed-spirit music this whole time (i.e. since early august) - and when i say putting in, i mean transferring files from the backup drive, onto the new (win8 - piecea shit, *) laptop... - in point of fact, this is all one extended red herring , - because i have downloaded one set of same-said music; and yet it's still back in the marshalling yard (read: the download manager) awaiting patiently (which is fine - he is on cosmic time, this mr threadgill..¬!) until such time as my ultra-finicky entrance gates allow it to slip through. hell, even the opinion-dividing zornfest that is book of angels, eighteen entries of which i had previouuly enjoyed listening to, are on there and in the music db, but not actually getting played - and the same is true of b. previte... i do declare my flag has read punk or bust, or rather hardcore or bust, all the way - yet if i am now here again,   then it must surely mean i am about to end this short and intense phase. (*)

* you know the drill

* you still know the drill -!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014



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