Monday, July 25, 2011

(yet) another hiatus

sigh... this is all very disappointing - not that it'll come as a surprise to anyone - but i just haven't been able to knuckle down to any writing recently. as a matter of fact, i seem to be in the middle of a non-musical phase: i've scarcely listened to anything over the last month or so, and when i have, it's rarely captured my attention. this is strange, but i'm sure it'll pass: it's happened before, and it never lasts too long. meanwhile: there is not yet any sign of the "rivalry" article that i promised in my last post; and yes, that is pretty frustrating since i'm quite clear about what i want to say, i just don't seem to be able to say it yet. well, like i say, any regular readers will be used to how i operate by now... in the (rather unlikely) event that anyone out there is actually waiting for said article, please be patient, it'll come. who knows, perhaps by expressing my annoyance at my own lack of productivity, i will trick myself into getting my finger out ;-)

something that has occurred to me - and i'm not just making excuses here, since after all it's no secret how unreliable i am - is that my own lack of inactivity may be (somewhat) related to something b. told me the last time i spoke to him on the 'phone (this was a few months ago now): he is not getting booked for gigs these days. he has "no work coming in", as he himself put it. can you believe that? we all know that life as a creative musician is an uphill struggle, with little or no money and practically nothing in the way of media attention, but this man is one of the most famous names in the scene - "famous" of course being a relative term here. when paul rutherford died a few years back, some people (mainly stateside) expressed shock at the fact that he had been living in poverty and had hardly worked at all for some time; but rutherford, for all his (very considerable) talents, was nowhere near as well known as b. i still can't get my head round this one... and yeah, i do wonder whether this little bombshell is in some way linked to my own lack of activity, my withdrawal from music for a while.


one thing i have done - i finally FINALLY got those damn discog links fixed. all of 'em! at long last... that is, i think i've done them all - if anyone happens to spot one which is still dead, do please let me know and i'll get it sorted. (yes, i know that some of my music links are dead - you can blame rapidshare for that one... i am going to try and get those reupped one of these days, but it's not my top priority at the moment.) things have been moving v-e-r-y slowly around these parts lately, but at least they are still moving. just about ;-)