Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Another year... another birthday card

Every year - well, for the last few years anyway - I find myself posting one of these and thinking (among other things) that another birthday has come around very quickly, and that surely this time I have more to say: to explain what happened to the blog and why; to detail how I lost touch with Maestro B, how I felt I had let him down; and so on and so on. Whether it was - ultimately - self-preservation which stopped me from rambling on, or just plain old inertia, is unclear even to me, and no longer even remotely important.

What is important is to say, once more: Many happy returns of the day, Maestro! Your continued existence is a reason to have hope, in these dark-and-rapidly-ever-more-darkening times... I trust that you are enjoying your (academic) retirement and that the well of inspiration will never run dry. (As if...)

***Happy Birthday!***


(In case anyone is wondering ... whenever they see this... I am quite well in myself, much more stable and contented than I was a few years ago... and one day it really is likely that I will resume writing. When I do, it goes without saying that I will resume writing about Anthony Braxton's music, since that remains a subject close to my heart. For the time being, I read a lot and write pretty much nothing... but that too is a phase, and will not last forever...)