Monday, May 31, 2010


damn, that's may come and gone... and i really did want to put a post up. next up - hopefully now within the next week - is something out of the ordinary, a post dedicated to another musician - or in this case group, dawn of midi. if i am not ready to post that now it's because - well, the usual stuff plus yet more computer hassle - in this case the new household laptop, only bought in jan, already had to "factory-restore" the bugger to eradicate spyware damage {{grrr}} quicker in the end than the alternative at least... and sick toddlers and new dogs, and just the way things worked out - for the most part over the last month i've been occupying my (bone-tired) free evenings with pursuits mostly non-musical, and getting my musical fix at work via a younger guy (19-20), very into good rock music, close listener, drummer, loves his metal, and in short i've been in more of a creative rock vibe just lately... and not fancying the cheap headphones much come the evening. (did enjoy some gerry hemingway recently though... and of course DOM as previously advised...)

there is more on the way. june is a key month for this blog :))

* in french accent