Monday, March 24, 2008

building stacks (3)

see also playlist one

and playlist two

third and last in the series - a quick glance below may reveal why i wanted it up before braxtothon phase three gets underway.

playlist three

1. comp. 114 (+108a) - studio, 1984 (tr.1)
2. comp. 23g - studio, 1975 (tr.3)
3. comp. 6(o) - studio, 1993 (tr.3)
4. comp. 34 - studio, 1981 (tr.3)
5. "comp. -2" - live, 1973
6. comp. 69m - studio, 1979 (tr.3)
7. comp. 131 - studio, 1986 (tr.1)
8. comp. 26b - live, 1974 (tr.1)
9. comp. 58 - studio, 1976 (tr.3)
10. circle: comp. 6f - live, 1971
see below for details
11. comp. 23a - studio, 1974 (tr.6)

- the last set opens with one of two "near-misses" for the great quartet: this earlier one features the "final prototype" (sorry, john lindberg - this is inevitably how this version of the band will be regarded). this is the only selection on all three lists to include an actual pulse track as such...

- ...which makes it pure serendipity that the next cut, 23g, is the original epicentre of that particular pulsation... yep, this is the track which kicked it off, set up a burrowing obsession in the man's mind which demanded thorough and detailed examination later, when the implications could really be understood. serendipity because - as detailed in the previous post on 23m - at the time i assembled the playlists i wasn't even quite sure what a pulse track was, nor was i familiar with the album from which this cut is taken.

- 6(o), played in 1972 and mentioned briefly in the braxtothon, then turned up again after a two-decade gap (as mentioned in a detour). it's the later version which has been haunting me ever since... probably due for detailed examination at some point.

"comp. -2" is a silly name, one concocted purely for the purpose of the compilation on which it was used: the duet between braxton and holland which opened the town hall concert, yet was clipped from the album commemorating it, might as well be called "-1" since it didn't belong to a series (?) and had missed out when the numbers were handed round; -1 in regard to the concert makes sense, but that does not make the next unknown piece -2..! well, yes, apparently it does... but it's so closely related to some of the 23 series in particular, as well as being contemporary with them; why they didn't just call it comp. 23q is beyond me. still, again, i suppose it didn't answer its name when the roll was called...

- the same piece also completes a miniature series, third of three similar pieces misidentified by me, some time ago, as proto-pulse tracks... the others are, remember, 6a and (of course) 23m. let's get these damn numbers memorised folks ;-)

- 131 represents the second "ringer" date for the great quartet (which is not actually included on any of the lists): crispell absent, david rosenboom filling in well.

- 26b, dedicated to kalaparush... a player for whom the young braxton had very high regard. this is the solo which begins as if blowing bubbles underwater. it does a lot more besides, an amazing piece..!

- there will be plenty to say about 58 when the braxtothon reaches 1976. not far off actually... (for that matter, there will be plenty to say about 34, when i get that far)

- the original repetition series, later dubbed 6f, exists in all sorts of different versions but for some reason, none of them quite seemed right for the playlists except this one, never released, from circle's hamburg concert in '71. [this number is included in the short set posted on huppes & hyalites months ago, but i later found a much longer, still incomplete version of the same set, better sound also - good enough to slip in here and ten minutes long, a bit of everything thrown in but the kitchen sink (han bennink not involved!)]

- always planned to finish vol 3 with 23a, just as it was obvious to begin vol 1 with 23b. the closer of closers, in this ultra-evocative rendition (review of this album coming very soon, at last...)

* * *

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david_grundy said...

thanks for these playlists cent - the comments seemed to have dropped off again, which is a shame, so thought I would let you know there's still people looking at this stuff! this music may take me some time to digest...

oh, by the way, things are almost complete on the magazine front, just needs a final proofread and PDF conversion, I should have something in the next few days.

centrifuge said...

thanks david... actually the comments have been coming in; i don't normally get any, on the playlist posts! either people really don't do this sort of thing or they're perhaps embarrassed to admit it :)

good to hear about the mag - let me know.

Frédito said...

Currently listening to composition 23g...and now to the majestic start of 23e, very nice ; thanks Centrifuge for the playlist.

centrifuge said...

aha, yes, 23e... i've just finsihed dealing with that monster! two different versions are reviewed, coming up soon...