Saturday, April 19, 2008

live from centrispace

some of you will remember how it works round here - i try and maintain two different schedules, a "real" one and a slow-motion, time-delay version in which the intense braxtothon sessions are spaced out at (what i hope is) a more manageable rate.

so it comes about that the next post, a roundup which deals with (among other things) the end of wheeler's tenure in the working band, was written well over a week ago; and since then i've got sucked back into a mini-debate in my old haunt, as a result of which i've learned that wheeler's last three decades are not entirely "free"-free. no matter, it's all still relevant, basically... martin davidson's comment* to the effect that wheeler is basically a "changes" jazz player with forays into free improv, etc (and contrasting him with paul rutherford) is all the reassurance i needed... if i needed any :)

(* liners to frameworks by the spontaneous music ensemble. thanks again to ubu xxiii)

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