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*** braxtothon master-list, part one ***

and not before time..!

ok, so the following are links to the original articles, in chronological order. this bit of housekeeping should (finally) make the site a bit more navigable... don't forget, any comments will come through to in the form of unread mail, so any comment on any post will be seen, and will get a reply (anonymous insults remaining the exception to this latter rule). let me know what you think! cent x

october '07 braxtothon, phase one:

introduction/ground rules etc

day one/1 - 3 compositions of new jazz

day one/int.1 - for alto

- see also gap filling, part one

day one/2 - silence

day one/int.2 - the 8th of july 1969

day two/1 - circle - circulus
- also comp. 6f* from another date (early circle/circling in)

day two/2 - the complete braxton 1971 (disc one)

day three/1 - the complete braxton 1971 (disc two)

day three/2 - circle - paris concert (selections)
- also news from the 70s, session one

october '07 braxtothon, phase two:

day four - creative music orchestra (1972)

day five (...)/1 - town hall duo (news..., session two)

day five (...)/2 - town hall trio

day five (...)/3 - town hall quintet

day five/int. - conference of the birds
(WARNING: you probably go to hell if you read this one)

day six/1 - four compositions (1973)
- see also here for specific (attempted) analysis of comp. 23m*

day six/2/pt.1 - châteauvallon 1973 (radio broadcast)

day six/2/pt.2 - châteauvallon 1973 (encore)
- also news from the 70s, session three

day seven/1 - solo - live at moers festival

day seven/2 - live at moers festival (quartet)

bailey day - first duo concert (set one)/royal vol. 1

there was also the following detour:
braxton & mario pavone, nine duets (1993)

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