Thursday, March 26, 2009

braxtothon '08 live update

er, yes... you read that correctly: as far as the braxtothon is concerned, it is still technically 2008... well, look, it's long established (and was pointed out by my old mate pete marsh) that the space-time continuum gets seriously bent around these parts anyway, and besides... in the case of braxtothon '08, it didn't start until the last third of march... so i reckon i've only just overrun, myself ;-)

- really, why '08? because that was that phase and the next one has a different aspect to it, already lined up... what i managed to squeeze out of the tube last year was phase 3a i suppose, and the mopping-up job which is underway at the moment therefore constitutes phase 3b... much to my frustration, dortmund just stuck there and refused to clear itself, and the attempt to sort that out in november was ludicrously unrealistic (with a child a few weeks old...); and thereafter, the time to do it never did seem to present itself... until my next chunk of holiday (if one can call it that... mind you, the weather was great, all very life-affirming). and even then, how would it pan out?

but what happened in the end was that the bremen gig turned up, just at the right time... and the unblocking took a different form altogether. hustled back into the swing of it by that interesting item, i used the impetus to fill the gaping montreux-shaped hole in last year's entries; that was really the one which needed to be sorted out first, after all, and with a head full of 1975 (suddenly!), it was the most natural thing in the world to go straight from posting the bremen write-up to a final follow-up session* for montreux, which then got written up the very next day. now, it's true that other tasks came to the top of the pile, later in the week... and dortmund is still stacked and waiting, as a consequence... but not for long, i promise..! it's on the way, to be presented in two separate parts (context then detail) soon, and then this whole overlong 2008 business can finally be put to bed with berlin... meanwhile, following on from bremen, montreux '75 is the next station stop: look for it over the weekend (when some of us lose an hour of precious sleep. ah, but more light in the evenings, so good...).

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centrifuge said...

there was already a follow-up sesh for montreux... can't remember exactly when this was, but i did refer to it at the time in some comment on some post or other! anyway: it didn't help much at the time, and i didn't make any notes - the only thing it did clarify for me is that comp. 40n is the "23e ringer" i'd heard (but couldn't identify) in the '83 montbeliard boot (with lewis)... otherwise, any impressions were erased by the time i got round to going in search of them...