Wednesday, June 10, 2009

well now... fancy that - !

thanks to mr lucky for bringing this to my attention... the blog itself is pretty entertaining by the look of it* - and may well be worth some readers' closer attentions - this particular post, on the other hand, well, surely any hardcore braxtonhead out there will want to strap on that little lot (paquete 3): some solo 1980 sax and some (belated) 60th birthday celebrations at wesleyan - i'm just about to go and check out some of the music now (and may well report back in due course) - meantime, caveat audiophiles, not that that has ever deterred me as you all know... the piece where the lo-fi reproduction is most obviously an issue, i.e the gtm twelvetet is actually available here anyway. the rest of it - i know from experience that if you can force yourself to sit through the first 30 secs (never has to be forced in my case), it'll prove (clearly) listenable - those of you with expensive equipment will not find it makes good wallpaper, however ;-)

[the diamond curtain wall fragment is just that, obviously incomplete... the whole thing is kinda partial - but i love these little/big discoveries myself... am happy to compromise in order to be able to enjoy them!]

* the futurama guy (hermes conrad, the company accountant) is probably not, despite appearances, based on anthony braxton..! (or is he??)

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