Friday, June 4, 2010

the edifice endures (birthday card)

today is anthony braxton's 65th birthday.


many happy returns of the day to you sir!

in some cultures 65 is the age of retirement from working life... i reckon that (at least as regards composition and playing) our man has other ideas ;-)

in any case, already, there is a great body of consistent work which will endure.

know this
and (let's) be grateful... {{{@}}}

c x


centrifuge said...

tomorrow is of course another major birthday... that of misha mengelberg. happy birthday! such things are usually noted elsewhere, isn't that right lucky? ;-)

c x

david_grundy said...

looking forward to the new posts! will be interesting to compare your thoughts on dawn of midi with mine (i did a review of their album a few weeks back).

centrifuge said...

d, sorry for the delay in responding. i wanted to wait until i'd actually got the damn post up..! yes, now i've done so i'll check out your thoughts on the album. cheers, c

McClintic Sphere said...

B celebrated his birthday -- or B was celebrated, on the occasion of his birthday -- with a series of concerts in New York.

Lots of different groups played; lots of big names paid tribute.

I wasn't there, I only read about it. Until this popped up, with three sizeable chunks of music.

A piece by the 12+2 tet, a duo with Teitelbaum, and a reunion of sorts with the classic quartet. Enjoyable stuff; and a bit of a self-reflexive history lesson. I've only given it a quick listen so far, but doing so was the best thing I've done in weeks.

Cheers, C., and happy birthday to B.

centrifuge said...

hey my man,

so good to read you here :))

thanks for the link, makes me wish i coulda been there, i am cut off from events rather and didn't know anything about it... haven't heard the music yet, i will hopefully get the chance later today/tonight - if anyone has a set of mp3s of these do please let me know! can't get audacity to work properly with windows 7 {grrr}

(- there is a link on there to tricentric, promising a free download but i couldn't get past the front page... )

again, good to hear from you m - i will drop you a line. c x