Monday, January 17, 2011

cent's 2011 manifesto

 1. so, the year ahead... insofar as we can plan these things at all (not that that's ever stopped me...) - well, for a start this was "supposed" (in my during-xmas head) to be braxton month - having acquired a small pile of mr b's back catalogue recently, thanks to a leo records sale (for mail order customers only)... and having also picked up numerous live boots in the last few months which i really haven't heard yet, such is the "mental scaffolding" which gets attached to the "task" of listening to a braxton recording these days if i'm not careful... i planned to listen to at least of these various recordings this month then spread out my impressions over remaining winter and into the spring - but here i am halfway through the month and none of this has materialised yet. i have not listened to very much music at home since new year, full stop - just the way it's worked out, and as usual it's the combination of parenting and the lower energy levels that being 40 tends to entail for me (*1). 


it's still gonna happen, it's just gonna get squeezed in a bit. tonight and tomorrow, and till the end of january, i shall be giving house room to at least six live concerts, i hope, in addition to the four cds i have yet to play (three of them doubles). the write-ups will be different from usual, picking only a max of five points for discussion in each case and trying to keep it brief. (ish)

... other than that, eventually phase five of the braxtothon will unfold in earnest, starting sooner rather than later, and that pesky live review will get published also (still relevant since, like my last concert reviews, it ultimately deals with something rather deeper and more wide-ranging than the details of one performance).

- and, y'know, whatever else crops up over the course of the next year... more on the way, in other words..!


2. so, about that picture then. please bear in mind that if i actually did have the messiah complex that publishing such a photo would seem to imply, i would have done it three years ago (well - two years eleven months in point of fact). actually it would have been a bit less since i did not yet understand why the photograph got taken. that only hit me like a thunderbolt in june 2008 when i went looking for pix taken on the maestro's birthday, and found myself in two coastal towns beset by a bewitched smuggler's fog, with an unusually high number of resonant and memorable images to select from - and, no fucking way, hang on, you mean that picture was taken on b's birthday, that's... ahhhhh, ok, i get it..! - !!

-obviously i had noticed the captured coincidence of the image well before - indeed, the very same evening of 4th june 2003, when we got back to the tent and i had downloaded the photos to the laptop. "shit, look at my wings!" "uh..? oh yeah..!" - (as you can see) mrs c. had the camera that day - at least at first - and for once i was standing around aimlessly waiting for her.

ahem, anyway... i genuinely didn't see where i was ending up when i wandered off - the resulting aspect of staring-vaguely-into-the distance could have been taken of me on any one of thousands of such occasions - and neither did mrs c. who, herself, was taking her time looking back uphill, setting up another very good snapshot. when she looked back down she was only filling out the composite view for herself and took the pic very quickly.

even at the time i didn't suddenly get obsessively ego-wanky about it because i never concluded that wow, i am an angel. that's not what this means. the painting of the wall and manhole cover has (presumably!) been of human agency, after all. nevertheless, something of a blessing from the other side has been received, and directly received, by both of us, and hence by anyone who meditates upon the image. trace elements (relic traces) remain which immediately establish their own psychic frequency in an open and relaxed mind's eye.  {{{@@@}}}

- not until five years later did i understand the deeper signficance of the picture's background and context. in visiting salvador dali's childhood haunts - we started out driving across the hills to cadaques, then moved on a little further to port lligat and encountered the same unearthly morning microclimate in a different environment, equally resonant and memorable - (i) (we) chance had unconsciously delivered us to catalunya ready for that day. and you gotta understand that in my head,  braxton's was just one name among dozens at this point (*2).

ok, so that's that really. actually the choice of pic was forced on me this time - i have temporarily misplaced the masters of the europe tour pix - that idea would be scary if i ran with it, but there's no need (they have not left this room); - and the choice was therefore whittled to a small handful of images left in the "pot", - but at some point it was always gonna be revealed anyway. (and i'd already had it up on my blogger profile page for a few weeks, a couple of years ago.) - once i'd thought about it for a minute, this seemed a most auspicious occasion on which to unveil it on the blog. [ i did send it privately to mr b., on the same occasion that the port lligat birthday shot was posted on here. i mean how could i not. didn't gush about it too much i don't think. (hardly any need...!)]

- i bet that LOTS of people have stopped at this exact same point in that steep little street, without realising why they have ended up there for a moment. many of them have probably been captured there in photographs. hey, if you visited cadaques without a camera you'd be kicking your own arse all the way back up through the pyrenees. it would be interesting to know, in these cases:

- whether an obvious synchronicity could be established with regard to the date;


- if so, how long it had taken for the penny to drop



3. ok, so thanks for listening - now i got to get my arse offa this sofa and outside to do some goddamn gongfu: it's been insane, the relaxation of the winter freeze brought with it seemingly weeks of heavy rain and endless grey skies, and little or no tai chi practice, so my body is full of bent and squashed corners and blocked points. off i go. more soon and all that.

take it easy, give it hard

c x

* see comments


centrifuge said...

(one quick session of solo taijiquan and qigong later) (and some water) (and another even quicker blast: gtm in the outer ears, alan moore in the inner, for ten-fifteen mins) phew, ouf, god that feels better.


right, so where was i:

1. my (daily-desired) practice of tcc (tjq) *sometimes* provides me with lots of energy and most of the time, doesn't seem to. all this time i've been living with the problem- and repeatedly banging my head against it, like a moth. i think i just finally figured it out. time will tell of course :)

2. derren brown would say (and would be right) that i'd absorbed the date deeply into my mind in the previous two or three years. i'd been researching jazz (and related musics) during that time, using AMG frequently. b's d.o.b. is right there next to his pic(s).

not the point, though, is it?



centrifuge said...

happy new year everyone :-D)))

[next up: 65th b'day re-revis'd, "the avant-garde", john tchicai and legends-in-the-flesh, *braxtothon vol.2*... and braxton-flavoured nibbles..! among other things]

Frédito said...

Happy New Year Cent' !
Great picture and interesting reading.
Looking forward to your next articles.

Currently enjoying some Ghost Trance Music in diverse settings.

centrifuge said...

salut f,

happy new year to you too! (i have not forgotten you... as usual i am shockingly behind on my correspondence... argh!) hope the gtm was well "digested"...

there is more stuff on the way... really ;-)

Frédito said...

I never thought I would be so happy to visit an "outpost" of any kind (GTM Outpost 2003)

A bientôt Cent'

centrifuge said...

i haven't heard those latest leos yet - still haven't heard all of my new purchases in full yet..! (the way it's worked out... things basically going ok though... tiring! and more shit weather)

next post will be about the first of those purchases, anyway... c x