Thursday, March 31, 2011

***music here***/corrigendum

just a quick one... i mentioned recently that i'd acquired both sets from 11/11/93, to go with the two from the 12th which are available at TCF (thanks to atanase for sorting me out with these); if anyone is interested, i've now uploaded these as high-rate mp3s and it seems only fitting to offer them here... just to reiterate, this is the classic quartet with crispell, dresser and hemingway and the music is so good that for once i'm not even going to try and describe it. i don't have track lists for these sets at all, and i haven't attempted to provide them - there were a few themes which i recognised for sure, but none which i could identify off the top of my head. if anyone can help out, please leave a comment or drop me a line

braxton quartet - knitting factory, nyc, 11th november 1993

set one

set two

- enjoy!


i don't post much music here, which is possibly one reason why people tend not to notice when i do..! just in case anyone missed it who would be interested, there is still a very good, sax-laden gtm concert available here. (probably i have written enough about the 65th birthday concert that even occasional readers are aware of that one, but if not, there is some music here too, indexed and identified - the same music is available elsewhere, but not with all the relevant details!)


back to new york '93 briefly - i detailed some corrections recently to the track lists for the boots up at TCF; this included the new york (12th november) sets, but i forgot to mention one more, namely that the encore for the second set is actually the arco march comp. 6a, not 69n as listed. it's beginning to look as if the whole listing is pretty unreliable, unfortunately :-S

[oh yeah - and i'm very gradually still working my way back through the blog, correcting the discog links..! i'm up to here so far... appropriately enough, given the previous post...]

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