Monday, April 11, 2011

warm weather woodshedding

another little mini-'thon over th' last 24hrs (give or take) - after a nightmare again with the computer... new chargers/adapters/whatever seem to last about ten minutes these days, wtf - anyway, i'm managing to be slightly more productive in a library than i would be at home no doubt, so it's not such an ill wind...  i mean really... last night with nothing to eat up my free time (i.e. the demon internet) i warmed up with a bit of skewed piano jazz tonality (elmo hope, herbie nichols, misha m., sonny clark etc for a bit of pure indulgence) and then plunged back into the châteauvallon 1973 pool for another deep dip (**1); replayed the town hall '72 trios for pure pleasure; and finally japan 1973 which i have not revisited in ages (wow, what a fucking great album! definitely one of the handful of truly essential albums i've heard thus far).

four hours rather fitful sleep followed, after some rather advanced qigong at about 01:20...

- this morning i got back on it, warming up today with bobby previte's pan atlantic (which also served as the immediate warmup for the new braxtothon phase, still quintuple-distilling in the deepest part of the retort..!), and album i like and admire in equal measure (can't say that about everything)... then back to france '73 and the "lost 4tet" with "jif" jenny-clarke and "bobo" shaw;  jump or die just to re-hear a different 23d as a sort of palate-cleanser; a tiny bite of comp. 6a from boston, 1975 (still with wheeler just) and then hamburg, 1975 also, but from the euro tour the band undertook (in two parts? apparently, separated by a journey back to the apple) (**2); comp. 249 just for pure pleasure, and finally (after a burst of "kwambe" by gerry hemingway while i showered and shaved) this one, another gap-filler (**3).

and that's that, time is up, gotta go! c x

**1,2,3 on the way!

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