Monday, June 13, 2011

late birthday card (blush)

yes, so, i've already outlined in the post below how and when it all got bogged down again; but neveretheless, when i realised last night that i had missed b's birthday - and by more than a week at that - i was genuinely quite shocked. just goes to show how little time i've found lately for the matters germane to these environs. like i say, over a week!!, but still -

- though it be tardy indeed -

*****^^@@^**many happy returns of the day sir!**^"^^@@^^*****'**

( -  with love and respect as always; you are truly a credit to the human race.)

c x

[some may know that our man is a big fan of choo-choo trains and related imagery...since the date was missed, only appropriate to present a suitably botched photo, with the vehicle's face sundered by the signpost... but i trust the recipient will recognise said coveyance and the background establishment thereof, he having seen it from the front as it approached, captured a mere second or two earlier :))  ...]

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