Monday, September 12, 2011

slideshow one

just occurred to me a few weeks ago... in case anyone is interested... here is a folder containing all the original pics i've used so far. there's a few extras in there too... and a text file with all the location details and a (very) few anecdotal remarks... almost all the shots were taken by me, two exceptions i think, and the vast majority of them date from a five-month driving trip round europe undertaken by mr and mrs c. in 2003 (april-august). well... i always knew it had been the right thing to do, for a variety of reasons :)

it shd be clear to most by now that i am not a real photographer (fauxtographe we can say in french, a perfectly homophonic pun implying one is a "false/fake" photographer - doesn't work in english alas). i have an artist's eye for (simple or complex) composition and that's about it - even when i used an SLR (for years growing up) i never learned how to master the camera properly, too lazy a student even then, but i usually managed to take shots that were and are good enough for me, and that's all that's important really - besides, who knew how much use i would end up getting out of some of them once i got confined to a low-end digital (most taken with an old canon powershot A40, more recent ones with an A80, that's that!)... i wonder if i haven't sort-of created an artform here, or helped to co-create one, at any rate...

slideshow with music works wonders! repeated exposure may open up doors in your dreams {{{@@@}}} 

***BONUS - if there are any hardcore c#9 fans left out there, this much smaller group of nine pics will bring back a stab of nostalgia ;-)


centrifuge said...

erratum: pic 080 (montreux concert post) is not near mälaren, it's måbacken i was thinking of... tiny tiny little hamlet out past torsby (hometown of former england football manager sven-göran eriksson! as we discovered from a grotesque little statue of "svennis" in the tourist office) on the way to the norwegian border basically... middle of nowhere... very very peaceful indeed and not an axe-murderer in sight ;-)

Frédito said...

Rediscovering these views, skies, architectures, reflections... nice trip.
The lake on 034, cascade on 042, lake on 060, are particularly peaceful and beautiful. Thnak you Cent', I'll write you soon.

centrifuge said...

merci mon ami... at least SOMEone out there appreciates the pictures..! as for writing, it's actually my turn to reply to you... it's on the way :)