Sunday, June 10, 2012

birthday card (LATE AGAIN - !!)

shocking state of affairs. where the hell is my head at anyway?! granted, the maestro himself probably attaches little importance to these occasions, but still... if a thing's worth doing... and the worst of it is, i realised a couple of days ago that i'd missed the actual day (which was the fourth, i.e. last monday), then somehow managed to forget again until just now. wtf??  *

enough moaning... late or otherwise, this is supposed to be a celebratory post! so i will do as i usually do, and wish our guy all the best, and

 ***many happy returns of the day***

 - !

this was meant to be a year of change... well, so far it's been that, for sure, and i'm not just talking about myself here; it's still not clear exactly how far-reaching or how radical that change is going to be. but b. himself (in a brief email to me at the start of the year) was very optimistic about 2012 as a year of new opportunities in music, and i trust that this optimism will be borne out in due course. the concerts of last october (link still good at time of writing!) saw a number of new projects launched: the syntactical ghost trance choir, echo echo mirror house music, pine top aerial music... ok, the second of those is a term which has been drifting around for a few years now, but i'm not aware of any actual public performance of it prior to last year. the point: those concerts represent a very wide variety of approaches to one man's conception of music (a conception which is admittedly pretty wide to begin with), and some of them have not yet been captured in recorded form. this must surely be rectified in the near future..? what's more, i am guessing that still more new ideas, new approaches, have yet to be unveiled. so here's hoping that this year (and those to come) will witness plenty in the way of new music... keep it up, sir, we are counting on you :))

* see comments

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centrifuge said...

well, it didn't help at all that i remembered my omission in the shower, just before going to work... one shift later, it had been wiped from my memory just like that. safe to say, so far i am finding it harder to leave this job at work than i did my previous one... i often return home hassled and preoccupied. still... no excuse.

the other thing is that i have drifted almost completely away from online musical circles over the last year or three, and rarely discuss such things with others any more. accordingly, this time around, june 4th featured on my calendar for a much less interesting reason, namely as a bank holiday that i had to book off so i wouldn't end up working it. (specifically, it was the diamond jubilee... suffice it to say that this was not of any great significance to me.)

*sigh* - folks, you are just gonna have to bear with me here. nothing you're not used to by now, is it? lately i have not found the right moods or the right times to turn my attention to this music which has meant (and means) so much to me; but it always returns, and it will do so again. i am *hoping* to get some writing done this week, during the mornings before late shifts... let's see how that works out...