Thursday, January 2, 2014

*cent's 2014 manifesto*


let's just all sit here a minute, and whatever it is you're listening to right now (*1), just drop back and slide into that, focus on every little detail of the (song or) story it's imparting to you.


- you know what, to be candid about it, that second night on the nine-athon finished with me six down, two to go and thinking i'd really blown the chance to go anywhere with it, had allowed to mjuch of it just to become ambient wallpaper as i lost myself in (of all things (*2)) lego; my daughter is now five very precocious and exceptionally quick-to-catch-on years old and living through some fast hard times, as are we all, life in the household being very much still centred around one room with one still point, injured whippet #1 (*3). one adult has to be on duty with him at all times to make sure he doesn't jump onto the sofa or (worse) assay an entry to the staircase. one might think this would be unbearable, but not (strangely enough) for someone who hasn't been stoned in six months but who is now almost literally "living the dream" (*4)... anyway, our lil centette has truly discovered the joys of lego friends this xmas, and since i have had to do the making-and-building heavy-lifting on those bigger jobs, i myself have rediscovered lego in a big way (*5). (*6) this proved sufficiently fascinating that a few hours of intensive online research (*7) saw the gtm relegated to a distant second or worse;

- but that was then. the next day, well - i carried on getting quietly and illicitly blasted and got some "me-time" in the afternoon while mrs c whisked the junior whirlwind out of the house to give whippet uno some peace (*8), and i had very possibly the most interesting and satisfying hot bath i have ever experienced... i emerged from that with my head absolutely ablaze with fresh(ly-reexamined) ideas - this not being a strange occurrence for me per se - yet calm, blissed-out if anything, rather than hypermanic (this being my usual default mode when in the middle of a "hot streak");

 - and later on, the last two ninetets went down as smoothly and as fierily as a brace of the subtlest cognacs or single-malt whiskies. 'cos by that point, i understood the value of the whole experiment, and saw it slotted into its [place among [everything else.

the implications - and indeed explications - of all these still-being-spun-out ruminations, meditations and cogitations are such that they themselves require a further two posts, sub-manifesti if we must, just to detail-spell and record them accurately. so that's obviously next next;

- and then next after that is non-reheated leftovers, in the shape(s) of venezia bienniale, comp. 23c-go-round and last-but-not-least reeds-n-bass pt 2. (and in due course the top end of the-rest-of-that-list, time and will and lego permitting...) this will be followed by more (un)expected, (half-)hinted work as and when it appears.

ah, but i missed one out. there was something else - ?


lissen up, thosefuckers in the rich-and-miserable game have had it all their own way for as long as any of us on earth can crememeber and they have a hell of a lot to answer for. i'm confident that you and i can pretty much agree on that one... (*10). but what if we all went and had a really good and productive 2014 instead?

- see you in the mix,

c. x

* see comments


centrifuge said...

1. fwiw, in my case at that moment it was this. in any case, and i don't-know-about-you-but, it took me *there*


centrifuge said...

2. that's how out-of-the-blue it seems to me. (-Blue*!) - of course i am (once again) aware that adults do in fact make up a substantial proportion of the brand's target demographic. (otherwise those prices could never obtain in the marketplace to begin with - they are essentially *luxury goods*.) i just never got into that side of it - even though lego was one of my first-choice playthings for years, until the age of about nine or ten. all abstract, though and entirely of my own invention ;-)

3. dog #2, in the early braxtothon entries.

4. ... but no longer - or not until, like, july or whenever and not without a bit of prior discussion next time. apparently ;-+)o))-¬¦

"living the dream" is incidentally a delicious irony in my current life, as well as a tedi-arsed bizzy cliche, - for reasons it doesn't seem meet to expand upon... but fwiw i am actually one of the few people i see on a weekly basis that consider themselves fortunate in their situation of employment... i say fwiw, tossing it out there as if mere confetti; it's actually WORTH quite a bit to be that fortunate at this time, in this country...

* most readers won't yet understand this one, but it was an "accident" anyway :))

centrifuge said...

5. - like i said in 2. above, i never used it for what was shown on the box. it was all just prima materia to me... i suppose! - so it's *only now* that i am learning the basics of architecture, engineering, environmental management/husbandry etc etc etc, as generations before me have been doing for yonks now... in theory i could have learned ALL of this useful practical stuff from my late father, but i am alas so flagrantly one of those wounded-narcissist types-with-mother-issues that i don't really need to explain how it was that his concerted attempts to involve himself (in my choice/s of how to spend my leisure time) came too (critically) late to make a lasting difference...

6. whippet uno is only reverting to natural type anyway, the essential difference being the missing white-hot spark(s) of

extreme yang once or twice a day and the crazed-headlong-pulling-at-all-times if on a short lead. none of that, nor indeed

any exercise at all, beyond pottering around the ground floor occasionally to reassure himself it's still basically the same

domicile. he is also ("coicindentally") off his tits on opiates, anyway. [he is on the same ubiquitous-these days-it's-the-

new-prozac Tramadol that mrs c was prescribed for the same (only worse) symptoms back in january (& onwards), 2013... i mean

the literally the same identical capsules ]


7. emergency catch-up research. by definition, anyone reading this understand what i'm talking about there, and from first-hand experience ;-)

centrifuge said...

8. back then, at the weekend: two further sought-and-consulted opinions away from preventing him even from pouring himself gently onto the sofa. anyone who has ever met a whippet in its own abode will know what i'm talking about. (of course, a whippet with a compromised lumbar-sacral disc does not quite flow as smoothly. since monday - no more hot baths for me, unless the girls are in the house. )

9. well of course there is, but let's not mention its name in case it hears us ;-)

10. actually, maybe not quite everybody after all, as it turned out. [different backgrounds, different perspectives... it would look pretty weird if i brought it up though, so i shan't - my (putative) biographers will have fun with all that when it gets unpacked and inventoried and pored over later - !


next up, seriously? no more smoking for the foreseeable, that's for sure - so all bets are off, wait and see - !! bye for now! c.