Wednesday, August 5, 2015

... and taking the airs


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(just to prove to myself how seriously i am taking this newfound deep relaxation stuff, i left this post open, just the picture up there to inspire - for ooh, at least forty-eight hours in the end (while i worked in the other place, among other things)... taking the airs i say - je vous le raconte - and this in turn folds back into, reflects back upon the circumstances under which said post was conceived.

to wit: -

after saying previously (and not for the first time) that some braxton experiencing was imminent, though not quite quite yet underway, i did follow this up for a (recent, punk- or post-punk-obsessed) change. and - you know what, after all this time, it turns out it really really doesn't matter what i actually listened to or how i ("randomly" selected it (i.e. let my physical-presence-in-the-world make the choice instead of my "self-aware onboard processor")). for that matter, i wasn't 100% listening to it either, because i was doing other things some of which required a great deal of (already-layered) thought and attention. but that's actually fine too, as it turns out, because - hey! haha, get this, in case you didn't know already - and as i have reminded myself on numerous occasions before - b's music, above all, else, instantly betows upon the space within which it is played the status of deep and open learning zone. it's... magic/k ;-)  so, just walking around in it - especially whilst indulged in something as carefully-assembled as the thousand-filament twist i'm in the middle of working around the place - greatly benefits the advanced concentration, as well as supplying continuous, on-hand spiritual nourishment and support. [none of this is bullshit either (as i hope you realise, whoever you are).] it also also provides, like, light-hearted entertainment along the way in the form of, say, two or three musicians sharing a quick joke by introducing such a theme to a gtm exploration at such a time. (i did listen to gtm quite a bit on more than occasion, i can say that much - nothing stochastic about that at any rate.)

- and i realised - at long last/yet again - that this, above all, is one surface so complex and multilayered that not even i am expected or required to cut it (dissect it): the universe alone could do that, because everything is in there. 


(transmission ends - to be continued)

 - silence resumes -

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