Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Invisible Birthday Card

(... invisible, as in "no-one's going to see it anyway")

Well, I covered off last year some of the reasons why this poor blog had disappeared into oblivion - and I will be coming back to this, but not today.

Today, Maestro Braxton is 72 I believe. He won't see this, I'm pretty sure, but just in case he does...

... I would like to wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day, Sir, and may your muse(s) smile favourably upon you. It may yet interest you to learn that this poor excuse for a blogger is still among the living and (contrary to all rumours and expectations) sane.

There will be more to say of these matters, in due course...


Spring Day said...

Somebody has seen it

centrifuge said...

I'm glad! Greetings to you, SD :) long time no "speak"

Volkan Terzioglu said...

Me too, I hope everything is alright dear Centrifuge!, Greetings from Istanbul

centrifuge said...

Wow, another voice from my past! Hi Volkan, and thanks for your message :)

Seems a very long time ago now that this blog was helping lead the way in Braxton-related studies... the workload overwhelmed me, and tehn (of course) life moved on and left it behind. But maybe..?

orang lucky said...

I still think of you, cent... occasionally :)

Recently even dedicated a compilation to you:
(prob. more for my own sentimentality, but still)


P. S.: Hi Spring Day, long time no "speak", too! ;)

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