Tuesday, November 13, 2007

another stage

sunday 11th it was, in fact - it's just taken me until now to post about it - that i realised the time had come, end of stage two... scarcely inappropriate since we were already well into november by this point - so that whatever this exploration becomes in time, it will no longer be the october 07 braxtothon... but in fact i never did get beyond the recording i listened to on the evening of hallowe'en: mrs cent out at a scary flick with a friend, me alone with the dogs in a darkish house... i actually did get my very own genuine unexplained noises from the kitchen... how cool is that... anyway, i also tried to cheat, knowing i had limited time, listened while doing the washing up, noticed plenty of things and enjoyed it but (as i confirmed later) missed loads compared to a real session... so what was intended to be a nice clean break at the end of the month dragged on (as i am now!)

i went back to that album next chance i got, and listened to it properly - but guess what? this time i simply didn't write it up at all, just never got round to it... so after a due period of acclimatisation (and a few days of seeing how much music is around at the moment) i found myself thinking, yeah, this is really gonna have to stop for a bit.

i am quite sure i will return to it though

apart from anything else i won't be able to deprive myself of the music for long, and i suspect that when i return (still sticking to chrono order whenever i do) i may find myself refreshed...

meantime, i might perhaps get round to discussing some of the things which keep cropping up, such as the aacm "house style" or steve lacy or that man eric dolphy...

also in the meantime... the remaining entries in stage two will still appear, one by one (the last one may even get written up at some point, who knows)