Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the saint and the sinner

man i can scarcely believe i am the only one who dug sonny simmons... well, i wasn't, the other one has not yet declared his interest but in any case there were apparently only two of us and no-one else knew what to make of it?


anyway... nothing to do with anthony braxton for a change... some detailed thoughts on charles gayle and sonny simmons (plus various others and with special mention of jookloo duo) will follow as soon as i can be bothered to write them up :)

this politeness thing is not necessarily going very well so far... never mind

the journey is the important bit (so they keep telling me)


centrifuge said...

the short version: sonny's show is one i'll take to the grave with me, for reasons which will be made clear (though god knows they are simple enough)

and charles gayle - i felt privileged to be in the same room as him... but i don't think he was terribly happy to be there and one could hardly blame him... there was still much that i will remember about it

HW! said...

Dear Centrifuge - let us know. EXPRESSION. Expression, does it ring a bell ? Sonny says this is the key to the understanfing of his music...

centrifuge said...

well hi there :)

expression... yes, that does ring a bell... although this was a strange context for sonny, and i don't know how much of "his" music we heard - but it was the manner in which he rose to the occasion which impressed me so much.

i am very tired tonight but i shall hope to write up this concert over the weekend...