Friday, October 31, 2008

signal failure

another october comes and goes... this one in a bit of a blur, from my perspective... so, halloween again, but no scary doings this year, and any unwanted noises in the night will herald something decidedly natural... though not so easy to get through at times, for all that - and besides, babies (with their inability to focus their eyes = openness to seeing things you and i can't) can have their eerie moments for sure.*

anyway... back to the braxtothon and how the wheels fell off (again) - this time last year, precisely one year ago tonight that is, braxtothon phase two came to an end - though i did not formally decide that until later - with a cheap attempt at skimming over a "major album", fall 1974, and this year..? in the end it was indeed the next "major" peak which refused to be conquered, i.e. dortmund, this time not because i couldn't get enough impressions down but ... well, for reasons i've explained before. but the thing is, disgraceful as it might seem, the journey never did progress beyond that point. apparently the difficulty of working up enthusiasm for something which by now had the flavour above all of anticlimax... too much for me at a time when all sorts of other things were going on. and then, etc etc, and strangely it hasn't been top of my to-do list any more.

so i'll have to return as soon as i am able, and whip out a streamlined version of the dortmund examination if i can - which i can, if i concentrate chiefly on comps. 40f and 6c... which is not necessarily to say they are the performance highlights for me, maybe they are maybe they aren't ;-)

then this whole ridiculous long-running montreux/berlin anachronism can be put to rest also, i hope... and that will have to make do for a sort of phase four, cos there are some obvious conclusions to be drawn at that point, regarding the rhythm section - and the quartet in general... the mitchell duets are another matter again and will now kick off phase five, assuming i get that far..! but in any event that's as far as the schedule goes, for the time being... however long it takes, people, the real work is yet to be done...

* see comments


centrifuge said...

one or two really creepy horror movie ideas involving babies came to me during the last few weeks - ! i'll save them... still, brings us back to halloween in the meantime :)

Anonymous said...

let me guess: babies not as victims, right? with kids you certainly get more horror, but more heaven, too - almost like in free improvisation etc - more extremes, more feeling.

i wish you enough strength and breath!


centrifuge said...

well lucky, i wasn't envisaging babies as aggressors either... that would be just plain silly ;-) no, more what i was saying in the post about infant eyes being able to see things adults' cannot (or can no longer, except in rare cases...)- creepy creepy... hairs stood up on my neck a few times..!

Frédito said...

Hi Cent'
I keep thinkin and "dreaming" on infant eyes being able to see things adults' can't

Best wishes

centrifuge said...

i tell you man, it's an interesting idea :)

lee said...

Interesting thought about sight. Out here we've been working on sounds. Call and response, extended vocal improvs. I introduced Sun Ra into the mix, which I suspect will soon go into heavy rotation. Space is the place where only babies can see.

Hope you're doing all right out there.

centrifuge said...

not too bad thankyou lee, and yourself/-ves..? i'm still here, just don't have much writing time of course - or, if the truth be known, much to write about, even..! it's been a while since i even listened to anything, the opportunities just aren't really arising. sun ra sounds like an interesting idea, but i doubt mrs c would go for it... anyway, keep up the good work...

King Kennytone said...

Dear mr Centrifuge
Z| `` )

greeting from King Kennytone hello
you sure as heck is still one prolific mofo though, sprog or not
ahem ..

anyway, man I just drop this link (which you will have maybe seen)here for the general readership
an interesting bit of Braxton with Spencer Barefield & what was basically Roscoe's Sound Ensemble & some other stuff

blah blh

carry on

jo;l;y good show etc

&^%`\`` _
i am horace tapscott®
and i am not for sale -__________-V ¬¬¬ |`

centrifuge said...

kk, thanks so much for that gem - i will draw attention to the link in the next post, the podcast is well deserving of the reader's time!