Saturday, October 8, 2011

if it's quarter past october...

... and the third anniversary of a major change in my life has just been and gone... then this blog must have turned four during the last week. happy birthday to you, happy birthday... etc :)

 yep, as before i do find myself wondering at times why i am still plugging away at this - but not so often these days. i've answered that question before: i do it for the benefit of the tiny minority who may be interested here and now, as well as for posterity, for the composer himself... and for me. that's ultimately the point, because i would very probably continue with this even if i knew for certain that no-one ever read it: i feel better for doing it, and tend to feel worse about myself during the periods when it gets neglected. alors, on continue... there will be more on the way, regardless of who is or isn't around to see it..!

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