Monday, November 14, 2011

broadcasting to you live (ish) from the coalface

hello... erm, slight hold-up with the other thing due today (...) - but in the meantime, just caught up with what a friend of mine (and the blog's) came up with by way of swift response to my plea for fresh live materials from the boot-sphere... frédito has kindly provided a good compression from a lossless recording on dime, this being the world premiere (i believe) of the syntactical ghost trance choir

that gets me hot and i'm not ashamed to say it :)

i mean hey, we all know what problems i've had with vocal music(s) in the past... i've lectured enough poor souls over the years... or whatever... this is something very very clean and uncontaminated to my ears, just actual vocal ritual magic, or ritual vocal magic... take yr pick... so good i had to play it twice in the event, indeed listening to it again right now and dog #2 (only survivor of the three-dog pack which witnessed the early braxtothon sessions (and even participated in some)... for 18 months now he has been accompanied by dog #4, a young "sister") is joining in - tho this has more to do with demands for supper than anything else, nevertheless his piercing staccato attacks fit naturally into the complex group space (perfectly captured, despite supposed limitations of recording etc etc... yadda yadda) - as anything would, within this nurturing space... 

... and the really reassuring, nay exciting thing about all this is that although this recording, this concert, was and is a postcard direct from the coalface, the actual oft-discussed-seldom-encountered cutting edge at work, hard at work - yet making it sound as play... it is just one such coalface being worked at the moment - i mean right now, as it were - in a phase which begins  - sorry, continues - to see skewed and unfamiliar framings of (what we hope by now are becoming) familiar scenes and aural/conceptual territories. check it out check it out check it out i say :-D

mo'later (is the idea)
,  c 


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centrifuge said...

seriously, the music is f. great... highly enjoyable and yes, thrillingly new. just to confirm it is a BRAND NEW DEVELOPMENT happening RIGHT NOW. one example (among numerous) of how the basic models and principles can apply to any sub-system or module.

oh and hey, this recording - the first i've heard from this year, never mind from those concerts - took place on my daughter's 3rd birthday. (and round about the blog's fourth!) serendipity, i believe we call that :)

thanks very much to f. - proud and privileged to number this guy among the handful of online "longtimers" to whom i remain closest - and of course to whoever recorded and published the original, which came from dime (but where else, right?). hey c'mon, but i am not just being greedy if ask politely for more :-D