Tuesday, January 15, 2013

falling river quartet

right, so for those of you who missed it... mmm. apparently i seem destined always to start these posts in red, so let's go with that. the anthony braxton falling river music broadcast courtesy of (bbc/jez nelson's) jazz on 3 last night - wow, yes, i sat up and listened live for the first time in ages - is still available for a week. get on it people. 

i did listen to it... ish: the low volume levels, and the fact i was having to listen to it late in a family house with no headphones (or soundproofing) meant that i could barely hear some of it, so in the end i gave up trying after a while and got back to the writing instead. it worked surprisingly well as background music, though, and i was frequently very impressed by something or other - i am looking forward to hearing the recording at a proper volume some time. in the meantime - daresay i say it again - this is more genuine cutting-edge music here, folks, what are you you waiting for?

[i saw the page hits  die off completely after eleven o'clock last night. i was hoping that meant everyone had gone away to listen intently to the broadcast :))  ]

 time for a break now - if you have thoughts, let me know what you think - ! feel free to leave a comment!

cent x 

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centrifuge said...

oh yeah. what's that with the scores? after years of hearing critics mistake the titles for scores, the professor has finally worked out a way of bringing about just that..? fantastic :)))

(to be fair i think at least some dcw scores look quite similar..?)