Monday, June 10, 2013



after weeks of resolutely not listening to that music which promises to do me the most good (whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? mrmrmrmrngngngnghhhhhh), i am back again - for the time being breaking loose from a tidal spiral of near-sanity which has accompanied the recent process of officially getting myself diagnosed (reasons would make a long story but can be condensed down to one word: work) and surfacing, allowing myself all of a sudden to partake, drink from some of the deepest waters the muses have to offer, and -

- and at once benefit therefrom, quelle choc  {{doh}}

what light from yonder window breaks

('tis... the sun)

programme thus far for tonight goes like this:

1. comp. 220 (+23c) (*1)  (first half of this beautiful release *2)

2. comps. 153 & 155 & 154 (bites four-six from this slice of gorgeousness)  (*3)

3. comp. 363c (hot off the m-f'ing press) [well... ten days late actually! (told you i've been denying myself)]

ok, so... cut to the chase: when i can find the receptive state for listening, i am so much nicer a person and feel so much better; whether or not i communicate better is a moot point ;-)  (*4) - but in any case, i speak, i arrange my thoughts and for whatever reason/s, some people out there still read them whether i post regularly or not. this is encouraging, though not in any ego-massaging way since a) i have rendered myself (almost) completely unapproachable over the years, in all sorts of ways - so i seldom get comments; and b) by internet terms, the page hits are still laughably minuscule (though steady and appreciable (with all the obvious riders and codicils that qualification entails!, regarding limited-interest subject matter, aforementioned (auto-)alienation (*5) and all that)). but yes, when i allow it to be, - it is encouraging.

and yet -

yes, but this is neither the time nor place for those (ever) darker reflections... this is a time for light and clarity and joy and above all, in this case, for listening since the new release, the 2007 falling river music, is now underway. i'll get back to you later -

* first comments

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centrifuge said...

1. that's my story and i'm sticking to it ;-)

2. - as yet unwritten about, or rather i never finishes the post. yet. more will be revealed forthwith..!

3. ... aha, see this one actually relates to *two* unfinishes posts, so there -! ...

4. ok, so i'm british, english-naturalised-welsh (inasmuch as my daugher considers herself very definitely welsh) as it happens, yet i know that most of my readers are in the states, and many/most of the others will be primarily acquanited with american english, so this is the time to point out/get off my chest the fundamental misunderstanding here. "moot" means *arguable*. it's one of those words which can easily be (socially) "understood" at a young age to mean something equally plausible according to (lack of) context, in this case *redundant* or null and void, precisely *not worth arguing* which is, i need scarcely point out, richly ironic. in any case, the mistake was (i presume) enshrined by an american lexicographer long enough ago that it became correct english for most of the world, in terms of daily currency of understanding. i myself am fully aware that i risk almost certain misunderstanding of my own, "correct" usage ;-)

(another example, not quite of the same thing but close enough, and not yet dictionary-crystallised (?), is the use of "erstwhile" to mean *learned* as many (people educated enough to encounter the word) still do, de temps en temps... no direct antithesis here of course, just a best guess which ends up being totally irrelevant)

5. yeah yeah, bad coinage, mixed root. so is "television" (and loads of others of course - i was going to call this a catachresis, but i misremember after all these years apparently. that is too generic a term anyway, and i can't recall the correct one - gone!). ipsoalienation kinda works actually... hmmm