Tuesday, June 4, 2013

birthday card (on time for once!)

- it won't have escaped the regular reader's notice that i failed to follow up the previous "duet" post as i promised; actually, there have been any number of posts recently which i started but haven't finished. (i have all sorts of interesting challenges going on both at work and at home right now.)

in the meantime, today is our man's birthday and i just wanted to mark the occasion. this musician continues to be committed to pushing back boundaries and exploring new territories, to developing the role of women in creative music (previously very much a male-dominated province), and to helping younger players and composers to work out their own systems which incorporate their complete range of influences. there are not many like him and let's all just be grateful that he's still here!

***happy birthday sir***

i wish you good health, and many happy returns of the day :))

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