Sunday, December 29, 2013

LIVE UPDATE ... fire burn, and cauldron bubble/

comp. 209 is more than halfway through already, and the musical planes we have been exploring are most amazing. long, interestingly long and detailed inhabitings of refined artistic-conceptual subspaces... followed by complete change and transportation seamlessly into another such, entirely and utterly different from the next and previous. this type of essentially hybridised and multidimensional artistic experience... requires a new type of listener-reader--thinker. like it or not, i am it..., and if you'rereading this then you probably are too. (if it still says 2013 on your computer screen right now then you definitely are closer to me than the rest of humanity!  o pity us! - but in any case -

good lord it's not even new year yet, but i did embark on another little journey, before coincidentally finding myself in a situation whereby its essential for me to do what i am now; i.e. sit in the house, on the sofa, thus comforting and stabilising the injured whippet of the household (also ensuring that the uninjured one doesn't cause further inadvertent injury) - ... - and on and off, i have been (in human terms) alone in the house whilst doing this, so the yoshi's ninetets do indeed provide the backdrop. the always-underway-nor-ever-complete type of listening-exploring-inhabiting which we do in following gtm, - as opposed to "listening" to it as semi-background music (*1) - can, by definition, be switched on or off at any point, once one has entered the stream at its own natural pace (of course this term itself *pace* itself has to be considered differently "hereonafter", since it comprises many different and separable pulses or rhythms; meta-pace is not a term i can bring myself to use,  quel horreur - and i don't want to slow down enough to think of an alternative just at this second)

- and then switched back on again of course -

fuck, all three of these pieces have been wonderful to listen to, to follow as i say - very very hard still to write about! writing and imagemaking, and sequencing, over time... hmmmm, now there's an idea i could work with ;-)

- but yeah, just remember the twenty-ninth minute of the third piece (i.e. disc 3/8)  - 29 in 209, not exactly hard to remember that, which is good. we'll be coming back there, in due course... right now we are streaming...

... and just approaching the end of this piece, where i may as well finish for a bit (*2)  -


* see comments

(no really, see comments if you want to know what's actually going on behind the scenes in terms of philosophical self-discovery-through expression... which is what this blog is, duh. (*3)

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centrifuge said...

1. i.e., what most of us do nearly all of the time. it makes terrible b/g music anyway, of course, unless one is already well and truly attuned to b's music already, or to compositional and performance-related strategies at this (super-refined*) level

2. at this point in the continuum, i was scheduled to intersperse hefty (eighty-110 minute) dollops of yoshi'9-athonmania with *navigation* by taylor ho bynum, c/o the firehouse 12 site (as prompted the night before by alex hawkins via email!) - but the first piece i tried to play stalled after two or three (admittedly great-sounding, very promising indeed) mins of interaction &c. so for abgreak i probably went back to the last QoTSA again (mind-blowingly good pomp-pop-rock or whateverthe fuck... takes about seven or eight plays to understand properly how excellent it is, since one's ear figures it all figured out long before seven plays... wrong wrong)

- i am debating actually posting about the album in fact, a total one-off. i would, after all, be making only one basic point.

(yeah but - in amongst..?)

3. i'm in the very process of working out between myselves exactly WHAT the blog is. it's getting there, along with numerous other (seemingly-unrelated) plots and plans, not all artistic in nature but that too, that too... watch this space, ... &c.