Saturday, December 28, 2013

LIVE UPDATE the yoshi'nine-athon is underway...

sod it, whatever youse thinks at this (relatively-)advanced stage of proceedings, i am literally-figuratively revealing a whole tucked-up and -pleated little microcosmic world tunneled from within the confines and depths of my navel; subtitled the manifold explorations explored backwards along the spiral, the whole conducted in close (/distant) association and under the blessings of mr anthony braxton

[ - *** - and invoking also e.e. cummings, herman melville, alan moore and thomas pynchon (though n.n.i.t.o) ]

- i am asking you to share my (actually pretty modest) belief that my inviting the hapless reader thus into a (what is very nearly literally in this instance, since the next verb-derived noun  after the brackets ties back into the extended metaphor so flippantly and flagrantly paraded in the dizzy heights of the first sentence - ): complication seemingly (tho not actually) entirely of my own invention or devising... - you ask - ? well, the answer is simple: once you're here, regardless of how you done got there, y might surprise y'self by hangin out a lil longer than expect', and even come to dig the view.

i genuinely wouldn't offer it if i didn't sincerely believe it was worth it...  {{{guuuush}}}

- (though (of course (i've known for some time that (everyone else can see (clearly (yessss... clearly) the extent "to witch"  i've at least shown consistent pa
ce with previous years in terms of easily-measruable unfinished postage and gerenal fart-arsery)))))


uh yeah the ninetet hyperspin,  the ninetet hyperspin, it only took in one disc in the end, cos, well blow me down if it didn't seem at last about three and a half hours all on its own. by the time i actually got the pod out to check where we were, i was astonished to find us all with fifteen mins still live on the clock, in the first set of the opening night. so comp. 207 still and none other...


a lot happens in there needless to say - ! hey GO LISSEN ;-) 

BUt i will check back with y'all in due course and soonmost. now, when were we all free again? does anyone at this level actually celebrate new year? (well... the hard-drinking hard-fighting celts obviously - !!)

remind me...

... to remem-berrr....

c..~ xx


*** numerous emendations and restorations were deemed necessary and were made today, the 29th. see the first comment

whether or not to revert to the use of british english for "draft" in the first line of said comment is currently bubbling away in my small intestine ;-)


centrifuge said...

haha, mmmm.

re-reading (the original published draft of) this today - insofar as reading it was even possible - , i was immediately struck by the stark truth of the DISadvantages of writing whilst under the influence of psychedelics or narcotics (never mind both, and all in one neat little package): espcially if one has tendencies towards being incomprehensible in the first place, any dissociation between oneself and the rhythms of the actual "human race" are only intensified. add onto that the extra problems of straying fingers (i have never succesfully taught myself to touch-type, yet type very quickly, so make lots of errors) and lack of patience/short-term memory obliteration (failure to do my usual, i.e. proof-read and "perfect" after typing), and the result is literally unreadable gibberish, even to the person who created it.

so, y'know, once this (shorter than usual*) "collapse" backwards into recidivism* is over, it will be interesting to do the weighing-assessing and discover-decide whether there was anything left in the credit stack ;-)

meantime - i tidied it up pretty extensively (in the first version, only the opening para was "correct") so that it now at least reflects what i intended at the time of writing it. if it's still not readable (highly plausible i shd think! asparagus again...) this is entirely down my state of mind at the time of composing it

* which is to say, it will be shorter if i don't fanct imminent divorce proceedings... apparently ;-)

- it's not a bad thing though. far from ity... i wasn't missing the stuff anyway, but as i said before, i never actually gave it up and had no intention of entering lifelong abstention 9and have always stated and restated as much to mrs c., which she will eventually remember - once she has had a chance to calm down a bit). agaian, as i said last time, there's a family crisis underway so we need to give that most of our immediate attention. meantime - here's where i am escaping, when i get the opportunity. and into music, of course - though in this current case, the last QoTSA album, which i wasn't proposing to write about here..?

centrifuge said...

p.s. james joyce as well obviously. but not really in my case (hence would need a separate, subinvocation of his own)... the name that's actually missing is that of samuel beckett. (he bien sur! he patate)

... and you know... shakespeare, milton and chaucer, marlowe, ibsen, strindberg, t.s. eliot, dostoevskiy, ... &c &c to say nothing of burroughs, coover, brautigan, barthelme, vonnegut, heller, PKD, john barth, &c &c

they are all genuine enough influences, i think - and the &c &c is true as well (is it ever), but boy there aren't half some gaps in there too. so much of social life even at the oxbridge level is seriously bullshittable... pynchon is a genuine enough core influence on me for damn certain, but i have STILL never actually read gravity's rainbow in its entirety, i.e. all through in one direction. nor ulysses nor finnegans wake (... dickens, george eliot, e.m. forster, much much else besides) - yet a friend and i once held sway the attention of a second-year from a different college, for the best of an hour, by telling him all about it (i.e. pynchon's ubermeisterwerk) since he had been told that i in particular was claiming to me the man to ask - and i probably had said that, to be fair, eighteen years old and long-haired and leather-jacketted as i would have been - incidentally i am now gonna "blank namedrop" by saying that i can't name the other two parties, both of whom are now far better known in intellectual circles than i myself am (yet!- !!) - but yes, indeed, the point of this anecdote not being to skewer superficial undergraduate life at that or any other universtity, but to remind myself and everyone else that there was nothing actually wrong with the conversation, either, in that all three of us enjoyed it and benefitted mutually from it; the *only* suspect part of it, being, of course, the essentially underhand way in which only two of us actually understood the configuration and inclination of the playing-field - !

i was "a fraud" in that i hadn't read the book - the third party in the affair, namely my friend and colleague wadhamite, an "english major" as my over-the-pond readers would have it, probably HAD read the book, and if he hadn't he certainly did in short order; the "other bloke" from just down holywell st(...) was studying pynchon at the time and was about to read it next, irrc.

why i *wasn't* a fraud? i already figured out the precise importance of GR at age seventeen while reading all that stuff (i.e. american fiction, 1955 onwards) instead of ploughing through middlemarch, nostromo etc etc for ebglish a-level... i got an A btw (natch!) but the pressure was off by then because i was already into oxford, fourth-term exams and interview; of course i was (am) big-headed. (less of an "am" these days, *except* in the writing of course..! and occasionally in other ways... believe it or not i am usually considered a positive influence on younger people - !! incredible (but true) if you only know me through my egomaniacal writings) -

- SO-ooo (x000,..!) ... -

- it wasn't (and apparently never has been) utterly crucial for me to read the actual text from start to finish when, after all, i retained a genuine intellectual advantage (fwiw) over those who HAD "read" GR without enjoying the benefit of understanding it.