Friday, September 26, 2014

... but that's ok 'cos apparently only posterity is reading :)

mmm... good evening :)

everyone has gone away for a bit. hardly surprising really.

ok, so... just me talking here to myself here - yet another reconstruction of the ((very much) partial *1) music database is underway. (this time it's a whole new laptop... i was so fucking down/depressed for much of the (prolonged, two-element *2) summer that i neglected even to write about what happened to the previous one.) as before, it's a colossal pain in the arse. but it's also a chance to shed some complicated and heay baggage.

somehow by the time the last itunes crashed on me, i'd got more than 300 playlists on there, with very little overlap. it's not about the number of the actual files, which wasn't that much/many in fact, only about 10,500 till the fucker packed up on me... (to be fair the laptop had threatened to die several times already and was past its expected lifespan anyway.) that many playlists is just unmanageable. may even have been nearer 350 by the end of it, but in any case, for once i am (semi-)happy with the latest change to (what remains, partly just out of habit) my computerised music-manager of choice, and in trying to get to grips with the advantages of this new(fangled) add-to-up-next malarkey, i'm finding a use which i never got out of the old on-the-go-playlist thing (which i never did use at all, indeed.). it's a useful way to navigate that many albums, many of which just blur into each other if played en suite. which is sort of what i did before, for the most part. (seemed to work ok - in the short term..!)

i'm still at the stage where i haven't added back any braxton yet.
(or any jazz or creative/improvised music at all, in fact.)

might be next up, by the feel of it.

* ...


centrifuge said...

yeah, yeah, hang on a minute. a) i forgot again all about my own intended comments (below; not here). well, for another day and night at any rate. hardly long by my standards; but b) I MISSED COMMENTS! importnat ones!! mr lucky is back in blogland? and he told me back in july, and i lunched it cos i wasn't monitoring the blog's mail, only my personal account which my brother from hamburg did not use on this occasion... so i ONLY FOUND OUT TONIGHT! hey fuck, what a strange silly boy i am at times (all-too frequently i fear, still and perhaps always...)

well if he is back - hey, maybe i am back! blogging can be *fun* again, not just **"SERIOUS WORK"**

centrifuge said...

i have absolutely no fucking idea (and cannot be arsed to make a serious estimate) how many *tracks* i own (or "we" own as a household - confrmed recently that the pool of music for cars, etc that mrs c and i would draw from when selecting music for *being together*, in whichever manner or circumstance... until we no longer really got the chance to do so any more... - that pool is actually by now still pretty large - but in any case is dwarfed by all my shit),- which is now thoroughly weeded-through and triaged, as well, including a vicious purge of my poor audio cassettes, which had indeed given me soooooo much pleasure for so many years- anyway, what's left is fucking massive and covers various formats. shit, at present with only *half* the 500GB HD's rock and beyond stuff on here, it's just about 4000 songs so far and is still tiny tiny in real terms. there's such huge chunks missing out of the pile, it's all hole and no oile, just a big cartoon "GONE!!" and a few shellshocked frgaments and crumbls clinging together for comfort and/or dear life... ANYWAY - what is left of the music collection after successive waves of purging and quiet continued amassing (in my case... occasionally, but also *needless to say*, really - !) is big, but pruned to fuck and lean, mean etc etc. it is now primed and ready for a hefty, superheavy-duty dose of modern creative next up after this little playlist of grindcore etc :)