Thursday, February 25, 2016

i am awake (2016 manifesto)

yes, awake. how long was i asleep? at least forty-three years... what happened? oh yes, i remember...

but i am now awake.

so much has changed just recently - and not just for me. where do i begin? well, this particular blog begins again like this:

greetings to you! my name is haldane charles, and i am (among other things) a friendly experiencer of the music of maestro anthony braxton. and: i am sorry, if personal challenges and considerations have obscured that basic fact in the past, even to the point where i may have presented myself as the most unfriendly of creatures. i regret this - but it happened.

there will be more to say on such matters, though not necessarily here. and of course there will be more - always more! - to say on the music of mr braxton. but for now -


Spring Day said...

RSS is a wonderful technology. I may not know what you are sayin', but I know that you do say something. Good to hear you.

Lucky said...

I dropped out of sight, wanting to quit the blogging circus, but I'll probably stay a junkie all my life. I really liked the pictures of yourself, I do almost believe I know that man that is looking at me, it feels a bit like myself, also in appearance (although I gained weigth in recent years, with all the good family food).

I'm awake, too, although I'm not nearly as focused as you on Mr. Braxton - I lost track of his doing long ago, and my interest shifted away of his music. I might be more shallow than you are (and I think I am), but I nevertheless send you some warm greetings from home.


P. S.: Hi Spring Day - you probably won't read this, but what the heck. :)=