Thursday, October 18, 2007

bologna... first rumours return...



another pause of sorts in "real time", now

they merge and echo

* * *

first rumours to reach me, anyway... i am a day late in relaying them:

"duo" was a de facto "trio" with parker - actually three solos..? tempers may have got heated

longish duet (once again) with oxley - to get c.t. back to where he needed to be perhaps... then a shortish quartet

perhaps we will get to hear some of this in due course

* * *

i have a cold - or rather a cold is trying to get in

i am trying to keep it out

mr braxton is helping me (true)... as are others

i am getting pretty good results with focussed acupressure these days too so don't write my obit just yet...

...but it did mean that for the first time i have failed utterly to meet my own rules and am therefore abandoning (some of) them! too much to say about today's music, not yet able to distil it down and cannot sit (with my feet in a draught) endlessly typing...

so although i greatly enjoyed the music, i am not yet ready to get that down on "paper"

you know, that blank stuff :)

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centrifuge said...

look again. it only *appears* to be flat