Wednesday, October 10, 2007

hi - it's me - i'm back... *

hello guys... most of you know by now that i'm what we might call in the u.k. a braxton anorak... kind of guy who can read jason g's discog for pleasure, not just as a reference tool {cough}

with c#9 wrapped up and a need for an outlet with no added pressure (internal or otherwise), i thought of starting a blog just to celebrate mr anthony braxton and collate info on him etc - then discovered that not only had mcclintic sphere had the same idea, he'd actually done something about it (i hadn't) and even had a name (i didn't) so i have been happy to come on board... we aim, loosely, to edit the thing together/separately and will post whenever we feel like it. sound good? :)

i welcome all comments, info, tips, links, pix etc etc (and i am sure mcc does too), so please send us anything related to anthony braxton!... for my part i do not plan to share music here, at least not at the outset; it may be possible at some point but i won't know how that lies until some time has passed, i think. we will of course be passing on snippets of info, etc, as we come across them... meantime, i wish to announce the start of the october 07 braxtothon, which will commence on thursday 11th ... don't get too excited, it's just a load of words about music at this point... but i just can't stop listening to this man's music and i feel the urge to spread the word.

more soon

bye for now

* see comments


centrifuge said...

(...this is the central scrrruuuuuuuuuuuutinizer)

(that was for atanase...)

Brent said...

good to see this up & running.

perhaps pursuing a phd in lit has colored my views on this, but i still find braxton's use of "punk" interesting. "punk" was certainly in use as a term of denigration (i forget who mentioned that at c#9), but it had also been in use for several centuries as a slang term for a "prostitute," and as i mentioned it was in common currency w/ the advent of bands such as the stooges, mc5, etc.

not to say anything definitive. i just prefer to allow the mysteries to circulate, in potentio so to speak, rather than to dismiss them all w/ a wave of the hand.

walnut said...

anarchy in the Wesleyan tea room...

Volkan Terzioglu said...

A quote from Mr.Braxton: "The challange of creative music has never been more important than in periods of pround unrest and realignment". Thanks and welcome,

centrifuge said...

thanks guys :)

volkan - damn right... and since i'm not making any (creative music) myself, the least i can do is try and whip up some enthusiasm for someone who is!

brent - studying lit only succeeded in ruining my reading habits for a few years unfortunately... but i am (very much) still interested in language!

i think suicide were using the term punk rock in the very early 70s too... certainly the word itself had been around in the u.s. for a long time (never with any "good" connotations) before 1977. speaking of which, it always seems to me that in retrospect it's desirable to distinguish between (american) punk rock and (british) punk - where the latter appeared in the states it was generally known as hardcore of course, a term which achieved currency throughout the world subsequently... american punk rock was not necessarily the same thing at all although one could still draw parallels... but people tend to conflate the two things which is basically a mistake i think. anyway... enough of that ;-)

McClintic Sphere said...

Cheers, all.

Good point about the varied uses of the word "punk" (both brent and Centrifuge). Very difficult to draw meaning from the word -- what it might have meant 35 years ago in a variety of contexts.

Hope I wasn't dismissive in the thread at c#9 -- I thought of it in that sense (self-depricating) and wasn't familiar with the long history of the word etc.

Thanks, too, to Volkan. Inspiring words. I know I lkko to music for solace, for joy for inspiration -- perhaps in difficult times, we need those things more often, or more intensely.

Best to all,
McC. S.

centrifuge said...

we sure do... milford graves was unequivocal on the subject at the end of the braxton/parker trio concert he played in rome this year: these really are troubled times and all this must be channelled and expressed through those that can take it

that is my take on my memories of what he said, rather than verbatim transcription you understand ;-)

man i don't remember thinking you were dismissive... all gone now anyway...

brötzmannaddict said...

weeeelcome back!
Congratulations from a new believer of the church of Braxton!
Having seen him two weeks ago in direct has been one of the satori moments of my life!

centrifuge said...

i'm delighted to hear that, man... welcome to you too, and thanks for stopping by to say hello :)

(funnily enough i was just litening to an amazing brotz solo while reading your comment...)