Monday, October 15, 2007

regarding the ruins of the church

hello guys 'n gals*

a number of people have wondered what's up with c#9, now declaring itself "open to invited readers only"... one of you even contacted me to ask if he could please be invited, thinking that posting had resumed - i hadn't even thought about that, but i suppose we must assume now that others will have had the same idea...

i can reassure you: there is no new material there... nor will there be: you are not missing anything

think of this as merely part of the "deconsecration" process - the ruins are still scheduled for demolition (unlike those in the photo)

feel free to spread the word about this... thanks in advance for your help!

* see comments

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centrifuge said...

(ok... p'raps i'm being a bit optimistic assuming there are gals in the house... but i can assure you we are fully "co-ed" here and invite female presence on the blog, just as mr braxton welcomes it in his ensembles!)