Saturday, October 13, 2007 update...

of sorts - the published diary is still on day one (and not done yet), but here in live centrispace it is in fact the wind-down from (what turned out to be) day three and, as crazy as this all sounded, i already know it worked.

i am currently carrying around b's worldview like a huge filter around the top of my head - i say huge because it is huge, but at this early stage few details are clearly visible within my version of it: some crystal clear but these are very, very small and there are vast expanses of total blank as of yet. still i can feel the dimensions of the space around me.

and i ain't heard nothin yet

i am declaring stage one - which i did not previously know existed - at an end; that is, an end in live centrispace where i need time to recuperate. in the blogosphere the scroll continues to wind slowly forwards for the time being.

***transmission ends***


centrifuge said...

oh yeah -

glmlr said...

Reminds me of that wonderful moment in the 1986 film "Round Midnight", where Dexter Gordon (i.e. Lester Young and Bud Powell) sees a man drink a small glass of something in a bar. The man falls right off his barstool flat onto his back on the floor, and doesn't move.

Dexter turns to the barman and says, "I want ... one of those".

Arcturus said...

Just popped by & thot I'd say 'hi.'

Your reamrks about Leroy Jenkins made me smile - that album was an early one for me (& 1st I heard LJ), & it took a long time to warm up to his sound. After he died this year, I listened to evrything I had him on - a way of saying good-bye to what felt like an old friend (only met the man once). There's a persistent folk quality in many of his most 'out' sawing motions.

Lemme toss another violinist's name yr way : India Cooke.

Unfortunately one of the bay area's best kept secrets, tho there are a few albums out there if you look around. We caught her in Oakland last August, playing with a trio, ESP, consisting of herself, a bassist/keyboardist & a conga player, joined for the evening by Bobby Bradford. OMG!!!

anyhoos, look fwd to reading more of yr musical musings . . .

centrifuge said...

hello guys... arcturus, hi and thx for the tip, i recognise the name but with nothing attached to it... henceforth there will be a little pin there, glinting in the light and transfixing your recommendation :)

i feel rather light of weight... i have been off in your future pottering about and spouting forth comments which i shall not even post for days yet because the posts for them do not yet exist

nevertheless these comments are written already and in some sense you have already seen them

hee hee :)

Peter said...

man...braxton is clearly fucking with the space-time continuum. i knew he was bad news. :-)

mcd said...

Anyone know why cn9 is showing up password protected? I went to look at the defrocked comment thread to no avail. Sorry to post about this here. Love the new brax love so far centrifuge!
thx, mcd

dtradthatswhat [at] gmail

centrifuge said...

mcd - thanks!

consider the (empty, deconsecrated)church to have been sealed off prior to demolition ;-)

the last comment on that thread was my own - no further replies.

mcd said...

Thanks, listening to Air Song this morninglhtt

keep up the brax work.

centrifuge said...

ah, fresh air in the morning

lovely :)